Choosing the right therapeutic CBD product for your dog

CBD product for your dog

With so many new CBD products in the market, choosing the right product to suit your dog’s needs can be confusing.

However, the choice depends on what you’re expecting to get out of the product, really.

Are you looking to boost nutrition or are you looking at help with mental and physical conditions?

What is the severity of the condition?

For moderate to severe conditions, hemp oil or seeds alone are unlikely to give you neither quick nor effective results. This is when you should consider stronger Cannabryl CBD products.

For milder versions of the same conditions and preventative measures, pick hemp!

Hope this blog helps clear some of your doubts – if you have any more – let us know in the comments and we’ll get you answers from our expert.

Our CBD products have medicinal value

The Cannabryl CBD tinctures and balms in our store are more medicinal products than nutritional ones. If you’re looking for nutritional supplements for your dog through cannabis – go for hemp hearts, and hemp oil instead.

Severe issues = CBD
Mild issues = hemp

…choose the Cannabryl CBD products. We’ll help you work out the dosage and frequency for your dog.

Our CBD products contain THC

Yes, THC is what makes these products work harder. When taken at just the right dosage, THC can be amazing for your dog. It helps relieve pain by not just blocking pain signals to the brain – but also by bringing down the inflammation that’s causing the pain in the first place. The dosage, THC: CBD ratio and strength depend on the size of the dog and the severity of the ailment.

Sativa vs Indica

The two main types of cannabis strains – are Sativa and Indica. Indica generally provides a sense of relaxation and promotes rest. Sativa strains are more energizing and enhance focus and alertness.

Waxed vs dewaxed

Dewaxed cannabis tincture has plant’s waxes, lipids and chlorophyll removed to improve the taste and texture. If you’ve got a dog that is sensitive to the taste and smell of food – this is the one you want. The waxed tincture has all of its components retained. Has a strong grassy flavour and smell. If your dog doesn’t mind that, this has a slightly better profile.

Sativa Cannabis Tincture

Comes in 3 CBD strengths
1000 mg | 1500 mg | 3000 mg
CBD:THC :: 4:1
2 types: Raw Sativa | Dewaxed Sativa

Indica Cannabis Tincture

Comes in 3 CBD strengths
1000 mg | 1500 mg | 3000 mg
CBD:THC :: 1:1
2 types: Raw Indica | Dewaxed Indica

Cannabryl Healing Balm

Comes in 1 CBD strength of 1250mg. No artificial colour or fragrance.

Apart from raw cannabis extract, it also contains kokum butter, camphor, turmeric oil, beeswax, frankincense oil etc.

This balm helps promote healthy skin and joints. Is helpful in eczema, psoriasis, chronic dryness, leprosy, alopecia, itching, fungal infection, athlete’s foot, cracked/bleeding heels, skin cancer, and body or joint pain.

Most cases of pain experience relief in about 10 minutes of application.

Vijaya Extract Tincture

1500 mg

1:1 – CBD : THC (30 ml has 750 mg of CBD + 750 mg of THC)

Choosing the right product for your dog, along with the correct dosage and administration, is crucial. If you have any questions, ask us

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