CBD Oil for Dogs- Everything you need to know

For the past few years, we have all been reading and hearing about the medical benefits of CBD oil for dogs. Although the research is still ongoing on its efficacy, the findings thus far have been very positive as a holistic alternative to pharmaceutical medicines.

CBD oil is a plant-based oil extracted from hemp. Due to our lack of knowledge and the general perception regarding hemp, which is considered an intoxicant and is legally banned in most countries, we look at CBD oils or Therapeutic cannabinoid oils for dogs, with doubt and apprehension as a possible cure. The evidential fact is that it is a natural and effective treatment for medical ailments, both for humans and dogs.

Therapeutic cannabinoid oil for dogs is devoid of the intoxicating psychoactive delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in marijuana. CBD oil for dogs, as per evidential research, is suitable for their health and behavioural issues. The oil is also rich in omega 3 & 6 and among other nutritional components. CBD Oil can be effectively used for calming down dogs with anxiety

Like most CBD products, CBD oil is derived from hemp and not from marijuana.

Many scientists say it helps stimulate the endocannabinoid system in the central and peripheral nervous systems, thereby promoting healing and wellness.

The oil has been known to help with inflammation, has cardiac benefits, is an appetite stimulant, is a possible cure for cancer and has an anti-anxiety impact. Our pets often get riddled with anxiety for various reasons, the most prevalent being separation anxiety. If adding a therapeutic CBD oil to their diet will help calm your dog. down then it is definitely worth a try. 

CBD oil helps calm the dogs and combats their anxiety. There are multiple reasons for your dog to develop an anxiety disorder:

  • Consistent traveling
  • Adjusting to a new place
  • Suffering from PTSD, 
  • Settling into a new home with a new family
  • Sudden sounds of fireworks
  • Separation from long-time families

Controlled and prescribed CBD oil can address anxiety issues and calm the dog.

Here’s how to use CBD Oil:

Since HEMP oil does not contain THC, it will not intoxicate your dog nor make them high. Consult with your dog’s Wellness practitioner before starting your dog on CBD oil. Buy lab-tested CBD oil, and make sure it is free from adulteration.

  • The amount of oil to be administered is as per your dog’s weight, so make sure you consult a knowledgeable practitioner to guide you.
  • A full-spectrum CBD oil will be most effective because it contains the highest quantity of plant compounds.
  • The taste of the oil is very grassy and may not be liked by your dog. There are various ways you can give the oil to them:    
Hemp Seed oil
  • Dosage: Although the dosage is as per the weight, it is best to start small and slow. Start with minor or less than half the prescribed amount and slowly build up to the actual dosage once your dog’s body becomes familiar with the oil.
  • Beginning with small quantities, means you may not see immediate effects and will need to give it a few weeks to work. 
  • If your dog is on any medication, please consult with the vet before using CBD oil. Most vets are open to and know about holistic treatments for dogs.
  • Hemp oil can also be used for application directed to painful joints or dry and inflamed skin.

Possible side-effects:

  • Your dog might seem “lazier” than usual. The oil will calm them down, resulting in reduced panting, whining, pacing and restlessness. Anxiety can often result in vomiting and loss of appetite. CBD oil is anti-nausea and boosts appetite.
  • Dryness of mouth: As per research, CBD oil reduces saliva production, so your dog may be feeling more thirsty than usual. Simply provide fresh clean drinking water accessible to them at all times. 
  • Lowered blood pressure: Since the oil calms the nerves, it is natural for the blood pressure to lower.
  • Drowsiness: Higher doses to calm them might cause your dog to feel drowsy. Sleeping is an important part of recovery and reducing inflammation

Considering the minuscule side effects of the oil and the immense benefits, you should get CBD oil to ensure your dog’s good health.

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Needless to say, as, with any other new medicine or cure, it is always advisable to do proper research before starting on a new treatment. Always begin treatment under professional guidance. The above article is about hemp derived broad spectrum CBD oil.

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