Consults & Customisations

Email consultation

If you prefer an email consultation, you can opt for it.

You have to fill in a detailed online form that you will receive in your registered email. Once that’s done, we’ll send you a customised diet plan within 5 working days.

Rs. 2,000

Private consultation

If you prefer a one-on-one video consultation with our founder and nutritionist Manssi, this is the option you should pick. These consultations will give you 3 hours to discuss a holistic nutrition plan for your dog where Manssi will discuss not only your dog’s diet plan but mental, physical and overall well being as well.

You have to fill in a detailed online form that you will receive in your registered email.

In this option, you also get 6 weeks of ongoing support via calls & WhatsApp.

Appointments will be made within 2 weeks of booking the consultation. Please go through the Cancellation Policy for more details.

Rs. 7,500 5,000

Meal subscriptions

Have you seen Our Menu yet?
Once you select your meal plan, you can either order a small sample pack (150 gms) for 4 days or a 7-day trial pack.

Note how your dog is responding to the meat and ingredients in the selected plan, then we’ll help you subscribe to the monthly meal plan of your choice.

Once subscribed, we will start making WEEKLY deliveries.

Custom meal subscriptions

You can reach out to us and give us your customisations and we will make the dog food and deliver it to your home!

The sky’s the limit for these customized meals. We will go as far as you are willing to go! Our commitment is to your dog and we will do it over as long as it takes to get it right for your darling.


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What we need from you:

  1. Exact age of the dog
  2. Breed
  3. Neutering or Spaying information
  4. A detailed medical history (If available)
  5. Detailed Dietary history (If available)
  6. Current food details with measurements
  7. Current medical conditions, supplements & reports, if any

You have to fill in a detailed online form that you will receive in your registered email.

Here is what you'll get:​

  1. A customized diet chart for your pooch via email complete with cooking instructions.
  2. A detailed FAQ guide to help your dog transition to their new diet.
  3. If you have trouble understanding the diet chart, you can write to us within one week of getting the chart and we will help you clear all your doubts. You can reach out to us many times as you like to understand your chart within this time period.
  4. Once the payment is made, you will receive a detailed form over your registered email. You will receive the chart after 3 working days after you submit the form.

During your online consultation appointment, you will get:

  1. Assessment of medical history
  2. Assessment of dietary History
  3. Assessment of Current diet
  4. During your consult, a detailed discussion on any concerns you have.
  5. A complete Environmental guidance
  6. Lifestyle changes and guidance
  7. Overview of Holistic wellness benefits
  8. A custom-made meal plan for your dog
  9. A complete holistic plan of 6 weeks
  10. Ongoing Support or continued guidance to implement the said plan of action for the duration of 6 weeks.
  11. Post the initial phase of 6 weeks, if you wish you can sign up for follow up sessions or phase 2
  12. The custom made recipe and cooking instructions (OPTIONAL)
  13. Guidance on mental and emotional wellbeing for your dog.

What we need from you:

  1. A detailed medical history (If available)
  2. Detailed Dietary history (If available)
  3. Current food details – In detail with measurements.
  4. Current medical conditions & reports, if any.
  5. It is best to have a recent CBC blood report and a hip x-ray for all medium to large dogs over the age of 1.5 yrs, before the diet change.
  6. Bring all Current Supplements given, if any.
  7. Note pad & pen for taking notes.
  8. To watch – “Pet Fooled” Documentary Channel on YouTube.
  9. As many family members as possible, present for the consult. This helps everyone in the household to be on the same page and make a collective effort.

Our aim is to evaluate the whole situation to come up with the best holistic plan for wellness that will suit your lifestyle, schedules, and budgets.

You have to fill in a detailed online form that you will receive in your registered email.

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