How to De-Worm your dog at home

D-worm Powder

Our world is alive with life, life in all forms. And parasites, germs and worms are a part of this life. The ever increasing pollution has affected the environment resulting in, among other ills, a general drop in immunity and the body’s natural ability to fight off some of these parasites. Dogs are often likened to small children as they are vulnerable to infections. Therefore it is imperative to remove worms from the dog’s gut at home using the best deworming powder for dogs.

The deworming of dogs needs to be a double-pronged approach, for cleansing both their guts without harming the other billions of helpful colonies that live inside the gut, without whom we will not be able to survive. Although the pharmaceutical industry has many medicines for deworming, they might also have detrimental side effects with immediate effect and in the long term. Holistic methods and alternative medicines that are equally effective and with minimal risk factors vis-à-vis side effects. One of the safest products to removing worms from dog’s gut at home is using  Doggiliciouus organic and natural deworming powder for dogs. 

Parasites in your Dog’s gut? – Symptoms

Deworming regularly is essential for dogs as it rids them from parasites that they harbor in their digestive tract. Generally, the vets advise seasonal deworming of the gut, however you can also keep a lookout for the following symptoms that manifest due to parasitical infestation, more so during the rainy season and summers when the weather is ripe for the parasites to grow in numbers and latch on to their hosts.

  • If your dog is scratching themselves more than usual, especially around its belly and anus.
  • Scooting – The dog is rubbing its bottom trying to calm the itch present in that area
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Change in appetite
  • Lethargy and listlessness
  • Worms present in its faeces
  • Sudden increase in hunger
  • Sudden unexplained weight loss
  • Very high platelet counts – could be sign of worms in the gut.
  • Dull coat
  • Dehydration
  • Mucus covered stools
  • Bloody stool
  • Coughing
  • Bloating

De-Worm your dog

Your pet can catch parasites from multiple sources like contaminated soil, infected meat, stale food, dustbins, and other animals and the environment when out for their walks. As mentioned above, there are orally consumed medicines available for deworming the dog guts, which might have side effects.

One guaranteed side effect is that these medicines will harm the bacterial colonies – THE GUT MICROBIOME in the process of trying to kill the worms. Also, what they don’t tell you is that the medication DOES NOT prevent worms. It kills the worms and all other microorganisms in the gut on the day of administration. But it does not stop your dog from getting worms into their system the very next day, So choosing the least harmful way to deworm dogs is to your dog baby’s benefit. A natural organic solution that allows for preventative care, that can be used often and regularly without harming the other beneficial gut flora.

What is the D-Worm powder?

At Doggiliciouus, we have always strived to provide our clients with the most natural, most effective ways to company a health problem or to promote wellness in the most holistic and natural way. We always prefer turning to nature for help instead of factories.

PUMPKIN SEEDSPumpkin seeds contain amino acid called cucurbitin, which effectively paralyzes the parasites in your dog’s digestive tract and allows them to be eliminated and exceted.

DIACOMATEOUS EARTH – DE powder can eliminate roundworms, whipworms, pinworms and hookworms in your dogs gut.

CHAMOMILE FLOWERSchamomile prevents and expesl roundworms and whipworms. This herb works slowly but also helps reduce inflammation caused by the worms. SO ts a great addtion.

GARLIC – If you give it to your dog in moderate amounts it can be a good way to fight worms. In fact, garlic can be as effective as conventional dewormers. Garlic also has several health benefts and has been unnecesarly demonized as beng toxic to dogs. Given in proper doses and administered correctly, garlic is great!

BLACK CUMIN – This amazing little seed is great for many many things. But one of them is expelling worms from your dog’s intestines.
Several other such ingredients go into the making of the natural D-worming powder.

How to use the D-Worm powder?

All ingredients in the D-worming powder are completely natural, organicically farmed and super safe for your dogs to consume. In fact, some of the ingredients contain pre-biotics that enhance gut micro-flora rather than destroy them! And thats exactly what we want. Because our gut microbiome is responsible for a strong immunity. And higher immunity allows the body to naturally fight off parasites.

Using it as a preventative –
Give the following doses to your dog for 10 days in their meals. Then take a 5 day break. Then restart the dose for 10 days. You can repeat this process every 3 months to flush out the system of any parasites that your pooch may have picked up.

Up to 5kg dogs – ¼ tsp – AM & PM
Up to 10kg dogs – ½ tsp – AM & PM
Up to 15kg dogs – ⅔ tsp – AM & PM
Up to 20kg dogs – 1 tsp – AM & PM
Up to 30kg dogs – 1 ½ tsp – AM & PM
Up to 40kg dogs – 1 ¾ tsp – AM & PM
Up to 50kg dogs – 2 tsp – AM & PM
Above 50kg dogs – 2 ½ tsp – AM & PM

Using it as a treatment for an infestation –

Give the following doses to your dog for 10 days in their meals. Then take a 2 day break. Then restart the dose for 10 days. Take another 2 day break, and start again for 10 days. If you see that symptoms have faded away, and no longer see worms, mucous, in the stools, then you may stop the treatment. If not then carry on this routine till all symptoms have stopped. You can repeat this process every 2 months to flush out the system of any parasites if your pooch is prone to getting worms frequently. The powder is ultra safe and it is okay to give it frequently if your dog needs it. But follow the preventative method when there are no symptoms or worms present.

Hope this helps you understand the process of deworming your dogs properly and safely a bit more. And that you will give the natural remedies a shot.

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