How to choose the right hemp product for your dog

A lot of you have asked us how to choose the right hemp and CBD products for your dog – and with this series, we would like to make that choice easier for you. After all, choosing the right product for your dog, along with the correct dosage and administration, is crucial.

Look for these before buying your hemp product:

  • Source
  • Extraction methods
  • Third-party testing

Hemp Hearts

What is it?

Hemp hearts are the seeds of the cannabis plant. It has negligible THC. It is considered to be the safest, most digestible, balanced, natural and complete source of protein, amino acids, fibre and essential fats found anywhere in nature.

When to add it to your dog’s diet?

It has the perfect ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids for cancer prevention, good skin health and reduced joint pain. Think of it as a complete food item to add to your dog’s diet, (like eggs for example) and not just as a supplement.

product for your dog

Hemp Seed Oil

What is it?

Hemp seed oil is essentially the fat from the hemp heart in the form of oil. It is a full-spectrum oil, i.e. it has all the good stuff from cannabis, with extremely low THC. Good source of both omega-3 and omega-6.

When to add it to your dog’s diet?

Choose a hemp seed oil to prevent mild skin conditions and provide relief at the early onset of arthritis or pain. It is also effective in combating these conditions in a mild form.

It can be used as a health supplement to boost your dog’s nutrition

Choice depends on your needs

Are you looking to boost nutrition or are you looking at help with mental and physical conditions?

What is the severity of the condition?

For moderate to severe conditions, these alone are unlikely to give you neither quick nor effective results. This is when you should consider stronger CBD products.

Here’s a blog on how to choose the right CBD product for your dog.

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