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Hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is a miracle medicinal oil that helps pets recover from various ailments and is rightly known as the Oil-Rounder.

Being 100% organic, direct from farmers, and boasting of a high nutritional profile, Hemp Seed Oil has undoubtedly garnered a lot of attention given its many benefits. It has proven to be equally effective for pets.

Here’s why:-

  • Multi-purpose oil: It is safe to be used both topically and orally. For topical application, just massage it on your pet’s skin if you want to work on certain skin conditions. You can also offer it orally by mixing it with food or just by directly feeding them.
  • Helps your pet relax and fight anxiety: It is no secret that this oil has therapeutic properties. Often pets are known to have separation anxiety or stress caused by noises during festivals and celebrations, which can throw any pet off-balance. One of the best ways to overcome such anxious moments is by using this oil.
  • Relieves arthritic pain: Having an old pet means dealing with issues like arthritic pain or normal skeletal or joint pain. Sometimes because of an internal injury while playing they might get a slight pain in their joints which turns into limping. In such cases, a gentle massage with Hemp Seed Oil is extremely beneficial to relieve this pain and allows them to continue hopping happily as usual as the anti-inflammatory properties in the oil will help heal and strengthen the body.
  • Magic for skin: With every seasonal change a dog’s skin has to go through many harsh environmental changes, all of which make your dog’s skin dry and flaky. This flaky skin gives rise to many skin problems from fur loss, itchiness, dandruff to dry fur coat. Hemp Seed Oil contains vitamins and essential fatty acids which help to heal the dog’s skin and protect it from such breakouts or skin conditions.
  • Helps avoid fur loss: The essential Fatty Acids in Hemp Seed Oil which are Omega 3 and Omega 6 are considered as characteristic elements for a healthy cell membrane. These provide moisturization, strong hair and also stimulate hair growth. Hemp Seed Oil helps in nourishing your dog’s skin by giving them the benefits of EFA when taken orally and helps to create a protective barrier when applied topically to the affected portion or on fur.

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