Five types of meat considered to be the best for dogs

Meat is essential to your dog’s diet. A high protein diet is a must for all dogs. Not only is meat, the most important source of protein, but it also satisfies your dog’s taste buds while keeping them healthy. Adequate protein in the diet keeps our dogs from getting several lifestyle diseases such as cardiac conditions, obesity, pre-mature arthritis and over 40 other diseases.  Let us look at the list of high protein meats for dogs.

1. Cooked Chicken 

Chicken is a worldwide favorite for dogs. There are three reasons why:

Chicken is a versatile meat. It can be given on its own or with rice and veggies. Chicken meat for dogs contains all parts of the chicken barring the beak, claws, feathers and blood. While lean cuts are high-protein, the other parts of chicken contain more nutrients. Consider feeding your dog whole cooked chicken – i.e. use all parts of the chicken not just breasts. 

Chicken Chow Chow

2. Cooked lamb

Cooked lamb is a high protein food for dogs. It is a very nutritious ingredient that can significantly benefit your dog. Lamb definitely makes the cut for the top 5 meats to feed your dog! 

These are a few benefits of feeding your dog lamb:

  • More protein than other meats such as chicken or pork.
  • Leaner than other meats, if you choose lean cuts.
  • Dogs find the rich taste of lamb highly appealing. No unique cooking is required for lamb

3. Cooked fish

Cooked fish is a healthy source of protein and fats for dogs. These fats are essential, as they contain Omega-3, essential to keep your dog healthy. The best reason for pet parents feeding their dogs fish is that it reduces inflammation. Cooked Fish meat is great as a hypoallergenic meat source.

It helps with dry scaly skin, helps with joint lubrication, and a shiny coat. There are also many varieties and fish available, making it easier to find the ones your dog will love. Some dogs like a stronger fishy taste and aroma, and some dogs like a milder freshwater fish taste.

As always, feed a variety of nutrition for best results. 

Something's Fishy Meal
Cooked Pork meat only

4. Cooked pork

Cooked Pork meat is one of the essential meats to be included in your dog’s diet. Most dogs appreciate cooked pork since it contains relatively good protein and tasty fats. You can get various pork cuts in stores. However, if you are looking for something lean then ask for fatless skinless pork cuts. Lean pork is comparable to chicken breasts in the calorie, protein  and fat count. Similar in its protein content but higher in mineral content.

5. Exotic meat for dogs

Although pricey, many pet parents love treating their dogs with exotic meat on various occasions. Some of the most easily sourced  examples of exotic/Novel meats for dogs are:

  • Rabbit: In terms of nutrition, rabbit meat is among the 5 best meat for dogs solely because of its protein values. Even though it is considerably richer than chicken or other bird meats, it contains similar amounts of protein.
  • Duck: Dog owners with picky puppies will find that they will appreciate duck meat as it is pretty fatty and delicious. Since it has a lower protein count but enhanced taste, it rarely gets into a daily diet. Instead, it is reserved for special occasions only. It is also low in phosphorous. So suitable for dogs that need a low phosphorous meat option. 
  • Atlantic Salmon: Sea caught salmons nutritionally very rich. High in protein and omega 3, it is a fantastic meat source for anti-inflammation throughout the body. It’s a must-have n all diets. However, the cost is a deterring factor.

Our cooked salmon meat only packs make it easier for you to just these packs as top up nutrition to any meal a few times a week to give your baby the best there is

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