Skin and Coat Meal(All inc)


Is your dog’s coat dull? Not shiny and soft like it SHOULD be? Do they have dry skin? Seeing dandruff and flaky bits? It’s time for you to look into the diest. Hair and skin shine when internal health and optimum nutrition are achieved. Our Skin and coat meals are designed to help with these Issues… BUT… combined with our SKIN & COAT kit items, you will get the best results. Min usage is 6 weeks or more.

P.S> **This diet is not meant to resolve medical conditions.**


Who doesn’t want soft shiny hair and glowing healthy skin? we all do! We want it for our dogs too. And we know that skin health and hair shine come from within. A healthy diet with the right nutrients in the right proportion goes a long way to ensure silky hair and glowing healthy skin. Shampoo’s and other products can only temporarily mask the issue.

Shedding, dry flaky skin, white dandruff-like dust is another common issue that our dogs suffer from and this can be remedied with some topical treatments like applying virgin coconut oil or Hemp seed oil to the skin, but a real long term solution is to give the body the nutrients it needs to manage this on its own. From within!

At Doggiliciouus we are always working on ways to make every aspect of your dog’s health better. Our Skin and Coat formula is designed to do just this. We have created various combinations so you can choose based on your and your dogs’ preferences. We have taster packs for you to try. We have a one-week trial pack. and we have kits that come with everything you will need to provide your little babies with all the skin food their body needs.

  1. Fish meal – 40% cooked fish + vegetables + Sweet Potato
  2. Fish and pork meal – 20% fish + 20% pork + Vegetables + Sweet potato
  3. Fish and steak meal – 20% fish + 20% steak + Vegetables + Sweet potato
  4. Norwigian Salmon and fish meal – 20% fish + 20% Norwigian Salmon + Vegetables + Sweet potato

The kits for the week will give you – 500g x 7 packs of the meal you select + 50g x 1 SuperWoof + 250ml x 1 bottle Kefir + 100g x 1 pack Hemp hearts + 250ml x 1 bottle Organic Hemp oil.

We have monthly packs of all the variants available also. Please DM us or inquire through the “contact us” page.

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Fish, Fish+Pork, Fish+Steak, N-Salmon+Fish

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