SuperFoods for your dog – What and how much? (Part 1)

Superfoods are the new buzz word! A word that makes you feel like if you could just get your hands on this stuff, then it would magically somehow rid your or your dog’s body of all its problems! Let’s take a deep dive into my top 12 superfoods that have the potential to do some really magical stuff!

The 6 “Superfoods” we will take a detailed look at in Part one is as follows: Click to read more about each of them.

  1. Spirulina
  2. Kelp
  3. Kefir
  4. Cold-pressed coconut oil
  5. Hemp Seed oil
  6. Bone broths

What are superfoods?

It may come as a surprise to you, but the word Superfood “ is not an official term for any kind of food. Its a marketing term coined to express the idea that some foods are more superior in nature than others. All foods offer nutrition and benefits to the body. However, the reason behind the term “super” is that these particular foods are deemed to have extraordinary nutrient density. This means that these foods will offer more nutrients packed gram to gram compared with other foods.

Why Should we include them in our dog’s diet?

Foods that offer maximum health impact in the minimum amount of calories or quantity required naturally tend to be a bang for your buck, so to speak! You share a lot of the superfoods with your dog, that could be included in the diet on a regular basis that are nutritionally dense and packs in health benefits immediately and in the long run.

These foods help you fight disease and build immunity and have good energy. Like you, your dog has a daily requirement of a variety of nutrients for the complex job of keeping their body functioning at a healthy optimal level.

Needless to say that these “Superfoods” are going to be natural in form, ideally organically grown without GMO(Genetically modified Organism) and is used to feed your dog with minimal processing to retain its nutrition to the highest level possible! Only then, will it be of any use in the body.

The reason for the increasing concern with commercially processed dog food is the fact that there is a huge nutritional loss in the processing of the food. And to top it off, the quality of ingredients used is sub-par to say the very least! The kind of damage this kind of feeding does to the body over time is oftentimes irreparable.

So, the answer to why you SHOULD include these superfoods in your dog’s meals is that, if your dog is on Kibble, the incredibly nutrient-packed ingredients mentioned below will give your dog’s body the fighting chance it needs to heal and repair itself.

If your dog is on Fresh food (Like all dogs should be), then adding these to their diet will fortify an already strong foundation you are building with the main meals.

Overview of the top 12 superfoods for your dog:

Some of these you may be adding and not know how SUPER they really are! Some of them might be new to you and is worth looking into, to see if your dog could benefit from them.

Not all of them are exotic, hard to find ingredients! The good news is, you won’t have to go further than your local organic health store, or a holistic practitioner to find them.

Click on the SUPERFOOD you wish to read in detail.

  1. Spirulina
  2. Kelp
  3. Kefir
  4. Cold-pressed coconut oil
  5. Hemp Seed oil
  6. Bone broths

Superfoods covered in Part Two of this blog are:

  1. Flaxseed oil / Chia seed oil
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Local Raw(Unprocessed) Honey
  4. Organic, cage-free Eggs
  5. Blueberries
  6. Omega 3
  7. BONUS – Nutritional Yeast!!

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