Which fish is best for dogs? How to pick fish for your dog?

Fish isn’t just for dogs who are allergic to chicken or need to lose some weight. Fish is suitable for all breeds and ages. It is also appropriate for meat rotation and to bring in the variety of minerals and micro nutrients that are exclusive to some fish. 

Fish helps in muscle-building and repair, and is great for the skin and joints.

Fish contains essential fatty acids which are amazing anti-inflammatories. It is rich in protein, amino acids, and minerals (Iron, Zinc, B-complex vitamins)

It is great for heart health, joint lubrication, and for dogs with dry skin. It has distinct flavors that can be very appealing to some dogs that are fussy otherwise in choosing food. 

At Doggiliciouus, we use small, wild-caught fish like sardines, anchovies, mackerel, salmon and lighter fish like rohu and catla. 

Farmed fish vs wild caught

Wild-caught fish is caught from a natural habitat (lake, ocean, river) and farmed fish is raised in large fish tanks. 

Which fish is best for dogs

What does the fish eat?

Farmed fish generally eat corn, soy feed. Commercially made fish food which is highly processed and laden with preservatives. They’re also fed antibiotics and hormones to promote growth. These fish are not as nutrient-dense as wild fish.

Wild fish have a rich, diverse diet – other fishes, algae, insects, larvae, and crustaceans. It is also lower in saturated fat content.

Where has the fish lived?

Consuming fishes that live in water high in mercury contamination can cause illnesses. 

BOTH types of fish can contain mercury because our waters are very polluted and the tanks may be unclean.

How long is its lifespan?

The longer it takes for a fish from hatching to reaching its full size (the stage at which it’s caught), the more will be its exposure to contaminants. A fish with a shorter lifespan is a better choice.

Keep in mind that, just like any other ingredient, the concentration of minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients in any item determine the taste and flavor. Most fish have their own unique flavor, and some fogs might like one fish over the other. So try several types before finally giving up. Also, try fresh fish, steamed, lightly fried in their favorite oil, bakes in an oven with some organic butter, or dehydrated fish and fish flakes – before giving up. As all of them taste and smell distinctly different and one ting may be more appealing than the other. 

Hope you find  the right fish for your dog. Hope your dog finds the fish they relish. We are always happy to provide a variety of options for you to try. Happy parenting! 

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