Weight loss Meal plans (all Inc)


IS it time to shed some kilos for your dog? then DO NOT wait even for a few days. Excess weight should be treated as a matter of urgency. To get your dog back in good ideal body condition, start on the Doggiliciouus weight loss plan.


P.S> **This diet is not meant to resolve medical conditions.**



Canine obesity is slow and silent. But it is a serious condition that requires attention. As dog parents, many of us fail to notice obesity – and we don’t blame you. Obesity has been portrayed in television and movies as something trivial and even cute, even though it is far from it. Obesity is defined as being more than 25% overweight than you are meant to be. If your 20kg dog becomes 25kg, they are OBESE!

Obesity has also now been categorized as a chronic inflammatory disease. Overweight dogs are at risk of health problems, including skin infections, high blood pressure, heart disease, immune suppression, diabetes mellitus, orthopedic and arthritic disorders, and some forms of cancer. Not to mention there is a direct correlation between pain management and weight. Increased surgical and anesthetic risk may also occur!

But this doesn’t mean we make them over-exercise! Exercise contributes only 3-5% towards weight loss, and overweight dogs, just like people tend to find it harder to move and face a much higher risk of injury. Nutrition and lifestyle changes contribute towards 95% of weight loss.

The right composition of protein, vegetables, good fats, and carbs can make all the difference to your dog. At Doggiliciouus we are always working on ways to make every aspect of your dog’s health better. Our weight loss formula is designed to do just this. We have created various combinations so you can choose based on your and your dogs’ preferences. We have taster packs for you to try. We have a one-week trial pack. and we have kits that come with everything you will need to provide your little babies with all the nourishment their body needs to shed the excess weight, detox the body, and reduce the inflammation the excess weight may have caused.

  1. Fish meal – 40% cooked fish + 20% Eggs + vegetables + MIllets
  2. Chicken – 40% Chicken + 20% Eggs + Vegetables + MIllets
  3. Fish and Chicken meal – 20% fish + 20% Chicken + 20% Eggs + Vegetables + MIllets
  4. Chicken and steak meal – 20% Chicken + 20% steak + 20% Eggs + Vegetables + MIllets

The kits for the week will give you – 500g x 7 packs of the meal you select + 50g x Husk + 250ml x 1 bottle Organic Hemp oil + 50g Lean blend    (Herbs and mushrooms)

We have monthly packs of all the variants available also. Please DM us or inquire through the “contact us” page.

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Fish, Fish+Chicken, Chicken+Steak, Chicken

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