Puppy Meal plan (All Inc)


Just got a puppy home? Looking to ensure you build health and wellness from the very beginning? its a wise choice.P.S> **This diet is not meant to resolve medical conditions.**


Puppies! Cute little fur balls that bring so much joy and laughter to our lives! And really, they are no different from babies. Not just because of the way we feel for them, but also in terms of their nutritional needs. They need nutrient-dense, varied, and wholesome food. Most puppies will need feeding every 3 -4 hours throughout the 24 hours when they first come home.

Please read our blog on puppy feeding for more detailed calculations – https://doggiliciouus.com/2020/02/06/confused-about-what-puppy-food-to-choose/

Just like we would not dream of feeding a new baby Macdonald, for KFC, it doesn’t make nutritional sense to feed a puppy anything other than the best fresh foods you can get your hands on, to help your little fur baby grow into a healthy strong adult.

At Doggiliciouus we are always working on ways to make every aspect of your dog’s health better. And puppyhood is such a special time. They are so busy building their whole body and their immune system! giving them the right raw materials to do so, is the best thing we can do for them! Our Puppy meal formula is designed to do just this. We have created various combinations so you can choose based on your and your dogs’ preferences. We have taster packs for you to try. We have a one-week trial pack. and we have kits that come with everything you will need to provide your little babies with all the skin food their body needs. Our kit items give you the right growth-boosting and immune-boosting ingredients you could ever want!

  1. Fish meal – 40% cooked fish + 10% eggs + vegetables + Organic red rice
  2. Fish and Chicken meal – 20% fish + 20% Chicken + 10% eggs + Vegetables + Organic red rice
  3. Chicken meal – 40% Chicken + 10% eggs + Vegetables + Organic red rice

The kits for the week will give you – 500g x 7 packs of the meal you select + 50g x 1 SuperWoof + 250ml x 1 bottle Kefir + 100g x 1 pack Hemp hearts + 250ml x 1 bottle Organic Hemp oil.

We have monthly packs of all the variants available also. other customizations like Millets and sweet potatoes can also be done on request. Please DM us or inquire through the “contact us” page.

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Fish, Fish+Chicken, Chicken

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