FISH Meal Topper (All Inc)

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Not enough protein in food or you’re traveling, then this “Easy to carry” high-quality proteins powder is perfect! Made from real whole ingredients, this meal topper is more than 55% pure digestible proteins per scoop.

Available in 25g = 2.5 scoops / 50g = 5 scoops /100g = 10 scoops / 250g = 25 scoops / 500g = 50 scoops / 1000g = 100 scoops 

  • 6g Bio-available protein per scoop
  • 3g Healthy Fats per scoop
  • Builds muscle
  • Improves skin & Hair
  • 100% Natural & organic
  • 100% Human Grade

Main Ingredients:

Freeze dried Whole fish,& bone, Insect protein, Non-poultry bone powder.

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool dry airtight container. Ensure Zip lock/ lid is tightly closed.

How to use :

Dosage: As Protein Supplement. 

  • upto 5kg- 1.5 scoop(15g) per day
  • upto 10kg – 2 scoop(20g) per day
  • upto 20kg- 3 scoop(30g) per day
  • upto 30kg – 4.5 scoop(45g) per day
  • upto 40kg – 6 scoop(60g) per day
  • 50kg + – 9 scoop(90g) per day
  • Feed with a healthy species appropriate diet.

Introductory dosage instructions:

Always start with a few pinches per meal for 2 days. Slowly move up to full dose by increasing in each meal over 1 week. Suitable for pups 2 months + till Sr dogs.

Recommended Usage:

Just Sprinkle in to warm meals/broth and mix well. Or mix with warm water and make paste before mixing into meals. DO NOT cook, DO NOT feed if your dog is allergic to fish or meat.

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