Sativa Cannabis Tincture – 30ml (All Inc)


Raw Cannabis Sativa Tincture – 4:1 CBD: THC 80/20

Ideal product for Joints, Inflammation, Pain management, skin itching relief and healing.

Benefits of Raw Cannabis Sativa – Cannabis extract when extracted from the plant has got most of its CBD and THC in acidic form, leaving a minor portion of CBDa & THCa which gets converted into CBD and THC during the natural process of sun-drying when the plan is alive still. CBDa and THCa have special benefits and the presence of these two chemicals in the Cannabis extract makes it Raw Cannabis extract.


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CBDa against inflammation

Laboratory research in controlled environments outside of a living organism has shown that CBDa has potential anti-inflammatory properties, due to the inhibition of COX-2 (cyclooxygenase) activity. COX-2 is expressed by cells that are involved in inflammation and have emerged as the isoform primarily responsible for the synthesis of prostanoids (PG – a group of complex fatty acids) involved in acute and chronic inflammatory states of pathological processes. Classical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been shown to inhibit both COX-1 and COX-2 activities. Inhibition of COX-2-dependent PG synthesis accounts for the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of NSAIDs, whereas suppression of COX-1 can lead to many unwanted side effects. Thus, it has been assumed that specific inhibitors for the COX-2 enzyme might have ideal therapeutic actions, similar to those of classical NSAIDs, without producing any adverse effects, caused by the inhibition of COX-1 activities.


CBDa as Anti-epileptic Drug

In a patent registered in 2015 by GW Pharma, the anti-seizure effect of CBDa has been studied and explained. Having already a CBD-based drug for treating rare types of epilepsy, such as Dravet Syndrome, the company noticed some limitations, such as the poor bioavailability of the product and its need to be administered at high dosing.GW Pharma has found that by adding lower amounts of CBDa the therapeutic effect of the drug was more potent, in terms of faster action and stronger effect, and less likely to cause side effects. Moreover, it had a superior bioavailability, which they suggested could mean a quicker onset of the effects. In fact, the company envisages combining both cannabinoids as an anti-epileptic drug, as CBDa may be useful in providing a rapid onset effect, whereas CBD may be useful in providing an extended effect.


CBDa may help with Anxiety and Depression

CBD’s anti-anxiety effects have been much remarked on by many studies on humans with social anxiety and depression. Like CBD, CBDa activates the serotonin 5- HT1A receptor, also known to modulate feelings of well-being and anxiety. In a study, conducted on rats and published on European Neuropsychopharmacology, was shown that CBDa provided antidepressant effects at doses 10-100 times smaller than CBD, but further researches on humans are needed.


Cannabinoid acids (THCa and CBDa) in Cancer treatment

CBDa has lately shown possibilities to inhibit cancer growth. The link between cancer and the acid form of CBD was demonstrated in a study of 2012 on breast cancer cells. In this study was explained that CBDa can be involved somehow in cancer growth through the suppression of the COX-2 enzyme, a major instigator of breast cancer metastasis, as well as other forms of tumors. In similar ways, both THCa and CBDa have shown their anti-inflammatory effects, which make them a potential cancer-killer. A Swedish study of 2011 on the evaluation of six different cannabinoids, including also their acid forms, found that all six of these substances together provided a strong effect on inflammatory processes in laboratory colon cancer cell lines. They have shown that through the interference with the inflammatory process, they are able to inhibit cancer cell proliferation.

Additional information

CBD Strength

1000mg, 1500mg, 3000mg

Tincture type

Raw Sativa, Dewaxed Sativa

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