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  1. Trial packs are available in Our Shop.
  2. We do only fresh dog food
  3. We do various pack sizes on request
  4. Doggiliciouus uses only human-grade ingredients and canine nutritionist designed recipes for your furry pals.

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Our Ingredients

Made with real ingredients and real love

Grass-fed, hormone-free meat 

We genuinely care about what goes into your dog’s bowl and take our meat sourcing seriously. As the primary ingredient and source of protein for your dog, our hormone-free chicken, high-quality beef, lamb and pork come from human-grade farms and are grass-fed. We use real lean meat, not leftovers!

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Free-range, pasture-raised, certified humane eggs

We source our eggs from Happy Hens Farms, a pioneer in free-range eggs in India. They take the best care of their hens and meet RSPCA standards. The hens are fed a natural diet of nutritious greens, seeds, bugs, grains, cereals, legumes and herbs. When you crack open these eggs, you can see the beautiful bright orange yolk!

Organic veggies, fresh herbs and superfoods

Our food is packed with freshly chopped carrots, spinach, herbs and other veggies. We are mindful about where we source them. We use superfoods like Flax seeds, Moringa and Spirulina to ensure our recipes are full of the essential vitamins and minerals.


Organic, fair-trade, home-dried spices

Our spices are home dried and ground using traditional Indian methods by Mom’s Kitchen. All raw spices are carefully chosen and purchased directly from ethical natural farmers in accordance with “Fair Trade”. They are pesticide-free, chemical and fertilizer free. It’s our way of supporting the small framers and small businesses while getting top-notch spices that lend heavy duty healing properties to our food.

Organic red rice, millets and ancient grains

We use organic red rice which is very slow digesting and helps with satiety. We also offer a mixed millet variety of organic and pesticide free ancient grains. It provides high fiber, plant based protein, potassium and B-complex vitamins.


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  6. When you start sending the requested information  – your appointment will be scheduled. 

Our aim is to evaluate the whole situation to come up with the best holistic plan for wellness that will suit your lifestyle, schedule, and budget.