Consult types

Email Diet Chart Consultation

If you want just a diet chart that is custom-made for your dog then this is the type of consultation you should pick. 

After paying you will see a link to a form. Fill out the form with as much detail as possible. Your diet chart will be based on the details you provide in that form. There is NO call or NO VC in this type of consult. 

CHOOSE THIS if you have NO medical conditions, and need to figure out What to feed your dog. Or want to transition to a healthy fresh food diet. Or want to correct the recipes to really make the diet wholesome and balanced. 

Please Note: All Diet charts are usually sent within 2-3 weeks from the online booking BUT this is largely determined by how many people are waiting before you.

Click on “Know More” to read about what happens after you select the consult type you want. 

Please go through the Cancellation Policy for more details.

Rs. 2,000

Please allow for 2-3 working weeks (Monday to Friday) to receive your diet charts/appointments – as there is a very high influx of bookings. If you have medical emergencies, then please WhatsApp on 9845607021. 

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Once you have selected any of the consults -

  1. You will be directed towards a payment page. 
  2. Once your payment is processed – a thank you page will appear that gives you access to the link to a form that needs to be filled out. You can fill this form out at a later time.  
  3. Another link will also give you access to a Docket of lists of information needed and videos to watch. It will also give you next steps. Please click on it and go through it all. 
  4. You will also receive an automated email with the same information for later access.
  5. If you do not get the emails – please first search the spam folder for , and then you can email the same email requesting the email. 
  6. When you start sending the requested information  – your appointment will be scheduled. 

Our aim is to evaluate the whole situation to come up with the best holistic plan for wellness that will suit your lifestyle, schedule, and budget.

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