Anti-Anxiety Box (Non-veg)


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It’s the PERFECT GIFT for you baby!


This box includes –

Hemp Halwa – This special hemp seed halwa is made with A2 ghee, freshly ground hemp seed flour, and almond flour, with hemp oil and honey. A calming mithai for our babies during the festivities!

Hemp oil – A miniature bottle of cold-pressed organic hemp oil to add to their meals during this time for added nourishment

Traditional Diya – 2 cute and small hand-crafted diyas to bring light, and banish the dark and evil from your home and lives.

Gut feeling powder – Gut Feeling is a FANTASTIC product that works almost immediately on gas and acidity that leads to bile, and yellow frothy vomits. this can happen due to fear of crackers. it can happen due to stress and not eating on time. Simply add the right amount to some gee, make a paste, and put it on your dog’s tongue. It will provide relief from all nausea, gas, and acidic discomfort in 10 minutes. You can offer your dog a meal or just plain curd.

Protein Powder – Many households may not want to cook fresh non-vegetarian food on the main day of the festival or for many days during this time. Our natural and bioavailable protein powder is the perfect solution for such days. Cook a veg meat and simply add this to the meal and mix it in. No need to compromise their nutrition quality while maintaining a VEG kitchen for festivals.

Beeswax calming candle – Normal wax when burnt emits cancer-causing fumes. They also tend to use chemical perfumes instead of natural oils. We handmade beeswax candles with pure therapeutic grade Lavender oil that has calming properties.

Treats – Stress, loud noises, nervousness, and fear can completely kill the desire to eat. This in turn causes us stress during festivities. So we added a small pack of treats that might come in handy in such situations. Use Gut Feeling – than this.

Fridge magnet with calming music link – One of the most successful ways to get dogs to calm down is with calming music, and what better than our own ancient mantras and chants? We made you a fridge magnet so you can quickly scan the QR code and play the Gayatri mantra on repeat to calm them down!

Rope toy – During the festival times, we go out, we have guests and there is a lot of activity in the house and outside. This can be exciting to some dogs and anxiety-causing for some. In both cases, their “NEED” for chewing goes up. We want to introduce you to the coconut rope! This can be dipped in broth or buttermilk, or rubbed with cheese, paneer, or peanut butter and given for them to get their teeth into for a good chewing session. Experiment with it! Have fun!

Paw Cleanser – Dogs will continue to go out for their walks, get their paws dirty, and get gunpowder from firecrackers on their paws. This can be dangerous if they lick it. But cleaning the paws with harsh chemicals several times a day is bad for the paws too! So we are giving you a simple gentle solution! Baking soda is a great cleanser and soother. Simply add filtered water, shake well spray the paws, and wipe them down after every walk.

Healthy Wealthy(Veg Pack)

For those of you who opt for the veg variant of the festive care package – we swap out the protein powder and the treats for 2 variants of the spice mixes for you to cook yummy things for your baby.

Healthy Wealthy – spice mix can be used to cook daily meals or snacks and broths. Dosage as per pack and your cooking batch size. This is a masala that enhances the taste, helps with cell health, reduces system-wide inflammation, and improves gut health.


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